Corporate Collections
  • American Association of Motor Vehicle
    Administrators (AAMVA)
  • Canadian Council of Motor Transport
    Administrators (CCMTA)
  • City of Toronto Archives
  • Insurance Bureau of Canada
  • Epson Canada
  • Fujifilm Canada
  • Hasselblad
  • Ivor M. Hughes Barrister & Solicitor
  • Lax O’Sullivan, Scott
  • Lombard Canada
  • Polaroid
  • Rack Attack
  • Weston Forest Corp

Principal Sponsors

  • Epson Canada Limited
  • Entire Imaging Solutions Inc.
  • GPS Pursuit
  • Mattys Consulting
  • Overflow Design Solutions
  • Semantic Productions
  • Hahnemuhle Fine Art Papers
  • Second Time Around Tires



Private Collections

A number of private collections throughout
the world


1996    Taro Grill Toronto
1998    Academy of Spherical Arts Toronto
2002    Sassafras Toronto
2003    Prince Arthur Fine Arts Toronto
2005    Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery –
           The Columbus Centre Toronto



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